Cats and narcissist


Cats are narcissist, self gratifying creatures. My love for cats is never hampered. I still love the creature that needs me to feel loved and cared for daily. I know the cat is beautiful and can survive easily if cast aside to the wilderness. I admire the the cat.

What bothers me is if I’m cast aside would I survive? Cats have this natural instinct and narcissistic attitude. The people who I am drawn to are usually representative of a narcissist cat. They would seek self approval, if human wod post over and over again their perfect lives to a social media format. When in reality cats will kill without cause or need, breed with multiple mates, and turn on you and love you in the same moment. They will hurt you and make it your somehow your fault. I love my narcissist cat. But I’ve learned there are people who are like cats. They eat us alive. They feed on our weakness to care, to love unconditionally, and the need to be loved. They look for someone who will say, “your amazing” “your beautiful” daily to them, someone who constantly reinforces their egos. Someone who merely says thank you. Someone we imagine to be like that of friendship in Hollywood movies. These people know we will do anything for them. They know it the day they meet us and continue to accept and fluff our self-esteems until we are completely obsessed. It then they start to show their true natures. But for us, we have invested, we have loved, we just want to be loved back. We don’t want to walk away from the beautiful creatures that once told us they loved us, it rare someone could love someone like us. We certainly come with our own flaws, like the narcissist, but we never hurt to make ourselves feel better.

We invest, we love, and we grieve because we attract those who love our bipolar, anxiety, and depression. Some people are drawn to us, because in a very sad way they are using us to feel better. They don’t face there own narcissism. They are self serving and need those who will pet them, feed them, and scoop their shit.

I have all that with my cat! Why the hell would I put up with someone who emulates animal behavior (unless it’s only sex related, then maybe)? My cat metaphorically is constantly taking selfies of her amazing social life, her amazing vacations, and just her selfies of herself,  she’s the Kim Kardashian of black cats. I’m scooping her shit while she’s at club med.

Dammit, I love my cat even though she doesn’t love me, I love her. She stays with me, provides me comfort with her presence. It makes me feel good she occasionally purrs on me……I know she wants something, but it’s affection. I crave affection. She meows, she talks to me….I know she wants something and I reward her. I pet her, I tell her she is the best cat in the world, she’s the perfect cat. I love narcissist cats! I recognize narcissist people because of my psychotic narcissist cat.

I guess my point is those who suffer from lows, wherever it be on the bipolar depression anxiety spectrum, remember narcissist will feed on you. You will and probably already fluff their egos daily on various social media’s such as, Facebook, instagram, or twitter to hang on to thier love and approval. Stop promoting that behavior and look at those friends who need your attention. I’m guilty of ignoring those who needed me for narcissistic people. I learned my lesson years ago, but it took my cat to put it in perspective.

You can cast a cat aside, they’ll survive to exist.  Cast me aside, I’ll survive because I existed.

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  1. Yeeeeeeees omg all these years (18years) that I have been suffering I couldnt figure it out. Then when I married my husband I asked him to help me and we couldnt figure it out. Reading your post makes complete sense to me. I attract the narcissists and I am drawn to them the same way the are drawn to me! I always wanna make sure I take responsibility for who I am and for my actions so when I was always cast aside by certain people I wanted to understand why; after a few years I started to realise their must be something about me that is making these people treat me in a certain way but I couldn’t figure it out, I couldn’t figure out what it was about me but now thanks to this post it is so accurate and you have made me see so clearly. For now anyways as obviously in my mania I don’t se clearly at all.

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  2. I feel my thoughts have been penned down in ink here. Great observation. Narcissists exist all the more because we, the lovers let them. They are lonely people by the end of the day. Their hunger for recognition, appreciation doesn’t end making them weaker than us.

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  3. I read it twice and totally identified with it. As if someone from within expressed in this very beautiful fashion . I didnt even know there is this lovely world for people like , who are trapped in their dens .
    Thank you for sharing it .

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  4. “But for us, we have invested, we have loved, we just want to be loved back. We don’t want to walk away from the beautiful creatures that once told us they loved us, it rare someone could love someone like us. We certainly come with our own flaws, like the narcissist, but we never hurt to make ourselves feel better. ”

    These beautifully written lines resonate with me. It’s a relief to be be reminded I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for sharing this.

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  5. In your response to people who are N’s (narcissists) and how they are drawn to us to feel better about themselves…WTH is wrong with them? Oh yeah they are N’s! I live with one of these people and the strategy I have devised is with HIM, is to allow very little about my mental health to be divulged. Yes he knows what is going on, but on the minimal. We don’t talk about my therapy, we don’t talk about the meds, the majority of it is shared with a family member who is my best friend.

    Not all N’s are bad, this too is a mental illness. For whatever reasons this illness arrives in its many different variations it too is a mental illness.

    This is the second N I have been in a relationship with and he is very different from the 1st.

    I was married to an N who thought he was a “golden boy martyr”, he enjoyed my mental illness along with my physical ailment, it made him feel good to “take care” of me. But he was also abusive, and took advantage of my illnesses to keep me in mental distress so that my choices always came back to only him.

    The second and current N, wants me to be better physically and mentally, however he thinks he is a martyr who should be a golden boy.

    Understanding why the lure of N’s is so appealing to me has been part of my therapy. Their arrogance, their self confidence, and with these two fella’s intelligence has played a crucial role in my choosing them as partners. These are traits that are lacking in myself, and in osmosis fashion, I have hoped to absorb some of their arrogance and self confidence.

    Have I?

    Only after a great deal of therapy and understanding myself in relation to them and my attraction to them.

    BOUNDARIES with them is the crucial…

    Narcissism is a mental health issue too.

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  6. By myself I wouldn’t have thought this way about cats, but you made it very clear. I’ve been overthinking lately and I thank YOU or writing this. I love cats too but you are right!

    Greets, linda 🙂

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  7. Then you get the select few who are drawn to anxiety, depression and sadness, for they want to be a bright light in other’s dark world. When you do find such a person, hold them close. Nothing will make them happier than being happy with you. There may be very few, but for balance I think the world should remember them too.

    Beautifully written post! Sweet and sad at the same time.

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